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Leading2Lean Dispatch Solution

Create sustainable continuous improvement by engaging everyone in the plant through our proven approach to cultural transformation. Establish continuous improvement as your operating model by aligning your systems to drive the right behavior.

Leading2Lean enables your team to take ownership and align your key systems by changing behaviors in how they communicate and respond in real-time to the real-time issues you have today. Data is collected real-time to properly prioritize the resources to fix problems, find opportunities and give you real-time visibility to plant conditions and the actionable tasks that drive  improvement.

Arming your teams with real-time data gets everyone on the same page and enables sound decisions and new levels of efficiency. Our unique solution approach and deployment methodology transforms your floor teams to a continuous improvement culture in a few months. Once on the right path, your teams will continue to drive improvements and bottom line value, year over year.

You get it all with no risk. Now you can operate with fewer resources and assure consistent, quality delivery.  We win your business every month with new capability and improvements and you get a proven solution that drives immediate savings in months, not years.

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The Pain We Solve

Management: “The inability to easily understand and manage the current condition of the factory.”
Production/Operations: “Frustrated dealing with the same stoppages and lack of support day after day.”
Maintenance: “Tired of being pulled in different directions, blamed for production inefficiencies and lack of support for proactive maintenance activities.”
Quality: “Stressed due to the inability to accurately identify the root-cause and corrective actions needed to eliminate quality defects.”
Production Control/Logistics: “Exhausted from shuffling the schedule around because the production build plan is not being followed.”

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