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The New Standard For Lean Execution

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Digital Production System

Manufacturers, in all industries and throughout the world, successfully use Leading2Lean’s Lean Execution System software, CloudDISPATCH, to eliminate production, maintenance and quality abnormalities that cause them to miss production goals and KPIs. We deliver real-time IoT data that reveals production bottleneck root causes, allowing you to problem solve your way to a sustainable culture of continuous improvement everywhere in your factory. Improve your OEE, reduce product cost, realize the problem solving power of engaged operators and achieve a solid ROI with Leading2Lean’s Manufacturing 4.0 solution. Created by manufacturers for manufacturers.

Change your manufacturing operations forever with Leading2Lean.

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6.5% Reduction in Annual Cost of Product
6.9% Increase in Annual Productivity
6.1% Reduced Spend on Annual Maintenance Materials
7.0% Increase in Annual Operational Availability
100% 100% Customer Retention & Reference-Ability

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Leading2Lean delivers the right data to the right people at the right time so they can make the right decisions.  

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Leading2Lean has over 90,000 users, supports 19 languages and is deployed in over 30 countries. Automotive OEM, consumer goods, food, defense, pharmaceutical and other manufacturers use our solutions every day to improve manufacturing KPIs. They benefit from engaged and empowered plant floor employees
using the best Manufacturing 4.0 solution available to resolve production problems.

We can help your company, too.

Why Lean Execution?

Embrace Manufacturing 4.0

The manufacturing landscape is changing rapidly, and the stakes have never been higher. ERP, MES and CMMS solutions and consultants don’t identify and leverage the real contributors of change – your people. Does your ERP help you solve manufacturing problems? Is your CMMS reducing your spares cost? Do they reveal your Hidden Plant – the manual workarounds that exist because systems are difficult to use? We know that ease of use = actual use.
Our customers tell us this every time we deploy CloudDISPATCH.

Only when everyone in the factory is aware, aligned, and enabled around the biggest problems can you unleash passion and problem solving to drive improvement. That’s the hallmark of Manufacturing 4.0 and Leading2Lean.

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Read why Industry 4.0 is not enough for your factories and why best-in-class manufacturers are embracing Manufacturing 4.0. Sensors on every machine never provide the insights you need, despite the hype. Instead, leverage the right data sent to the right people at the right time so they can make the right decisions.

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