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The New Standard for
Lean Manufacturing Execution

Sustainably and measurably improve operations.
Maximize plant efficiency.
Reduce costs.

Manufacturers across all verticals and throughout the world use Leading2Lean's Lean Execution System

  • See hidden data and abnormalities in the task
  • Improve delivery consistency and quality through standard systems and language
  • Discover an engaged and accountable work force
  • Get more out of your ERP
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Our Lean Execution System's Production engine gives you the metrics and gets you to the TRUTH of what’s impacting your plant. Manage and operate at peak capacity, while maximizing efficiency and overall equipment effectiveness with functionality like automatically prompting and sending training to employees before they complete a job.
Raise your quality standards with Inspection. Using mobile, touchscreen-enabled inspections, any of your employees can sort or track defects and red-tag quarantined material, while eliminating any worry of lost and defect product.
Drive improvement and ownership with Trace. Automatically alert users across devices to contain suspect material. Conduct a Trace all the way through to the source material to make decisions based on facts and only allow the highest quality of product to leave your facility. We perform above industry benchmarks, with Eleven9s durability
Our Integration Server is the standard for the plant floor. CloudDISPATCH compliments, not replaces, existing systems including your MES or ERP by making them perform better.
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The manufacturing landscape is changing rapidly, and the stakes have never been higher.
Today's solutions don't identify the real contributors of change -
your people.

Only when everyone is aware, aligned, and enabled around the biggest problems can you unleash passion to drive emprovement.

That's the hallmark of a Lean Execution System.

Other plant floor solutions might outline the plan for
improvement, but they do not identify the gap.


Employees with Real-Time Dispatch and a Better CMMS
Result: 37% increase in employee productivity


Continuous Improvement with Analytics, Reporting and Ongoing Kaizen
Result: Reduced spend on maintenance material by 30%


Your People It's a Tool, not a TASK
Result: Increased up-time of 30% in the first year alone

What our customers are saying.

Leading2Lean is responsive... Leading2Lean is dynamically developing to become what is needed.

– Tom Hartman Senior Director of Lean Consulting and Director of Operations, Autoliv

If you’ve got a problem, they’ve got great technical support... if you’ve got a question, they’re quick to answer it. They’re very helpful and resourceful.

– Clay Hancock Maintenance Supervisor, West Liberty Foods

If another company... learns something or has an idea, (then) that becomes available on the server, and we can tie in to that benefit as well.

– Dennis Knuteson Maintenance Manager, US Synthetic

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