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Senior Leadership Team

Keith Barr
President & CEO

After leading a number of organizations through turn-arounds in the United States Air Force, Keith Barr has had a long career as a leader in the manufacturing technology sector. Keith can speak about the future of manufacturing.

  • While there is considerable discussion about Industry 4.0, Keith will share his insights on how it needs to evolve to Manufacturing 4.0, the merging of equipment and IoT data with human creativity and problem solving. Only then, can a culture of sustained continuous improvement occur. Otherwise, Industry 4.0 is constrained to a focus on equipment.
  • Keith can explain why getting workers excited to return to manufacturing and empowering them to contribute in a meaningful way is essential for our country’s manufacturers. Manufacturers can create a new generation of problem-solving workers by empowering them with collaboration opportunities they can use to improve their workflows.
  • Artificial Intelligence is the new “It Topic” and receives considerable coverage in the media. Some of the coverage is thoughtful while much is speculative, lacking insights into the reality of production environments. It’s true that AI will have an impact on manufacturing, but Keith argues that we need human intelligence for it to work as intended.
Bob Argyle

Bob has over 25 years of manufacturing experience in a variety of roles including maintenance, production and Lean. Bob will speak about contemporary manufacturing challenges and unique ways to address them.

  • Every manufacturer plant has what Bob calls the “Hidden Plant”, which reflects the reality of the plant floor and not what leadership believes is the standard. He can talk about firsthand experience on how systems and their data limitations force workarounds and a return to manual plant floor activities.
  • Bob is passionate about maintenance and feels strongly that most manufactures are making a mistake by not integrating the function with production. By creating a new collaborative synergy between production and maintenance, sustained efficiency and metrics are accelerated.
  • Having been involved with many successful manufacturing systems planning and deployments, Bob will share “do and don’t” insights that reflect plant floor reality and constraints.
Tyler Whitaker

Tyler is a successful entrepreneur with a history developing and operating large-scale SaaS platforms and solutions. In his role at Leading2Lean, he consults with some of the most innovative and forward-thinking manufacturers in the world and has insights into manufacturing best practices.

  • The Cloud is not the future of manufacturing – it is here now and manufacturing operations and IT leadership should embrace it.
  • Manufacturers often express concern about Cloud security for many reasons, including the protecting proprietary data and procedures. Tyler will share how other Tier 1 manufacturers, both large and small, are successfully using the Cloud while maintain data security.

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