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The Leading2Lean solution has been put to work to achieve Operational Excellence in a wide span of high-production industries with various demands, regulations, and standards. Leading2Lean CloudDISPATCH is flexible to fit any operation, no matter what the industry.

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Don’t Let Anything Fall Through the Cracks

For Leading2Lean’s clients in the aerospace & defense industry, mistakes simply cannot be made. We understand the quality standards and complex, strict regulations that are mission-critical. CloudDISPATCH™ has enabled our clients to meet industry standards and continue to innovate by eliminating waste and reducing risk.
Leading2Lean’s clients are leaders in the automotive industry. From Autoliv, saving lives with breakthroughs in vehicle safety systems, to Tesla, paving the way for a new generation of electric vehicles – we’re inspired to see our systems at work – and working – for these reputable, high-output, global businesses.

A Solution That Works

Visit our Testimonials page to hear more about what Leading2Lean has helped Autoliv and other clients are accomplishing with CloudDISPATCH™.

Automotive Resources

Read from a variety of articles, case studies, whitepapers, product brochures, and videos, relating to the automotive industry and Leading2Lean’s solutions by clicking the preview section below. Automotive Resources

Thrive On Innovation

Leading2Lean understands that in today’s fast-paced world of technology, if you don’t innovate, you’re out. As Leading2Lean’s clients in the consumer electronics industry keep revolutionizing the industry, they need to be able to rely on a multi-stack manufacturing system to keep up. CloudDISPATCH™ aligns your people, systems, and equipment to produce real-time data and enable Operational Excellence.

Drive the Conversation, Drive Improvement

From design to manufacturing, fulfillment, and logistics – packaging drives the conversation when delivering any product to market. Leading2Lean’s CloudDISPATCH™ solution allows our clients in the packaging and distribution industry achieve Operational Excellence from start to finish so you can deliver on time, every time.

Nothing Less Than Excellence

In today’s energy landscape, Leading2Lean’s clients are continuously innovating. We even work with businesses researching and developing safe nuclear energy strategies – a purpose that requires nothing short of Operational Excellence. We’re proud to say that since we’ve deployed CloudDISPATCH™ in these plants, the results have been extraordinary.

Create a Hunger for Improvement

As much as the food & beverage industry is tracking trends, it’s also growing rapidly based on population alone. To keep up with demand, Leading2Lean deploys CloudDISPATCH™ to best serve each of our clients and integrate their production systems.

Food & Beverage Resources

Read from a variety of articles, case studies, white papers, product brochures, and videos, relating to the food and beverage industry and Leading2Lean’s solutions by clicking the preview section below. Food & Beverages Resources

Focus On What Matters

From sustainability to transportation to environmental regulations – those in the forest & paper industry have a lot on their plates as it stands. Leading2Lean deploys CloudDISPATCH™ on your plant floor so you can stop worrying about production waste and continue addressing global issues within the industry.

Keep Up with The Speed of Innovation

No sector requires the agility and efficiency of high-tech. Leading2Lean gives IT manufacturers the ability to keep up with market demands by staying ahead of them. CloudDISPATCH™ is a fully managed SaaS solution. You get round-the-clock availability, global reach and the specific technical support you require.

Drive Systematic Improvement

Someone has to make the machines that our clients spend their time tracking, maintaining, and sustaining with help from CloudDISPATCH™. It’s critical to build this equipment and machinery right the first time around, and Leading2Lean has deployed our solution on these plant floors with monumental success.

Next-Generation Quality Management

Regulatory requirements for quality management and traceability are increasingly pertinent trends within life sciences, and Leading2Lean has helped our clients in the industry take on these challenges by virtually eliminating waste and defect at the production level.

Engage Employees and Promote Ownership

Our Trace and Inspection Engines engage all employees on the plant floor to deliver real-time data right when your quality team needs it, all in one place. Learn more about CloudDISPATCH™ and Leading2Lean’s Trace and quality management capabilities.

Digging Deep to Surface Real Results

Leading2Lean’s clients in the mining & metals industry are providing the very building blocks of development – and CloudDISPATCH™ is helping them get there. Similar to those of our clients in the food & beverage industry , demand will continue, and you need to be able to rely on production systems that sustain continuous improvement.

Become – and Remain – An Industry Leader

In a landscape of increasingly green, planet-friendly mining, let Leading2Lean help you with the big improvement issues, so you can focus on growing your sustainable-friendly company.

Operational Efficiency Under Pressure

The stakes are high for those operating with petrochemicals: intense regulatory standards, the global drive to deliver cleaner energy, and high-consequence risk of defect. You need to be able to rely on your production and quality systems to operate efficiently, and integrate flawlessly. This is where CloudDISPATCH™ can revolutionize your plant floor and achieve Operational Excellence you never thought possible.

Leading2Lean Engines enable custom strength unique to your needs.

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