Compliments Existing Systems

Have existing software and systems that are working? We recognize that most manufacturers, especially those with multiple plants, have legacy systems and software. Most of our customers do. Our LES compliments existing systems or can stand-alone. If you are happy with your ERP or MES, no problem. Leading2Lean will simply overlay them and create a more powerful shop floor standard.

There is no need to “rip and replace” with Leading2Lean.

Integration Feature Set
Platform Connectors for Industry Standard Systems

• No matter the system, or the deployment model, Leading2Lean connects across industry standards to work seamless with your systems.

Standard Rest-Based Web Service API

• Our extremely easy to use API let's you complete integrations in Hours or Days, instead of Months and Years with other enterprise solutions.
• HTTPS/SSL GET / POST API calls return JSON or XML data.

Unparalleled Integration Possibilities

• Keep your best platforms, but use Leading2Lean to hold it all together and to drive continuous real-time insights.
• Our modular approach provides ultimate flexibility to plug your existing system gaps.
• We integrate into virtually any existing system.

Security-Safe Deployment

• We work with your security teams to ensure compliance.
• Industry Certified Data Centers that adhere to numerous standards (SOC II, ITAR, HIPPAA, SAS70 Type II, etc.)
• No co-mingling of data - separate infrastructure per customer.
• No Firewall Concerns - outbound traffic only - no ports to open.

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