ERP and MES solutions do not include important Lean tools and principals, unlike our Lean Execution System. With Leading2Lean, Lean tools are integrated into the Production, Maintenance and Quality Assurance functional feature sets - tools such as 5S, Kaizen, Yokoten, TPM, Problem Solving, Standard Work and others. The challenges of today’s manufacturing environment require these to create a standard shop floor language and the culture of Continuous Improvement.

Without lean tools, your ERP and MES fail to create a sustainable Continuous Improvement culture.

Lean Tools Feature Set
Kaizen (CI)

• Engage your employees to identify ways to reduce waste, increase safety, increase product quality, and decrease cost of product.
• Empower employees to identify the gaps and inefficiencies and suggest where improvement can take place.
• Improve employee commitment, satisfaction, and retention.


• Without an easily accessible Yokoten, abnormalities and their solutions are typically communicated via email. Or, not at all.
• Our Yokoten enhances our common shop floor standard and language.


• Track 5S activities on a line, area or machine.

Problem Solving

• Track reoccurring or expensive abnormalities that impact production and associated corrective actions.
• Our LES automatically identifies Significant Events and alerts staff for prompt resolution.
• Supports popular Root Cause Analysis methods such as 5 Whys, 8d, Fishbone, etc.


• Easily add Scheduler Categories to our menu.
• Quick Category configuration.

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Lean Tools