A New Approach To Plant Maintenance

Our Lean Execution System is much more than a standard CMMS. It’s a unique solution for managing all maintenance activities from routine maintenance to unexpected line breakdowns. Instead of being a stand-alone system, we integrate maintenance with manufacturing, increasing throughput, optimizing maintenance resources and prioritizing equipment issues around production needs.

Already have a CMMS? That's great. We can integrate to all the major CMMS vendors as well as your unique home grown systems. We can make any CMMS work even better.

Maintenance Feature Set
Common Plant Floor Standard

• Consistency across all plants, functions and employees creates standard data visualization.
• Employee-driven sustained CI.
• Overlays existing systems - no rip and replace required

Comprehensive Maintenance History

• Retained history on every line, piece of equipment and maintenance technician.

Technicians Dislike Paper.

• No more paperwork with Leading2Lean. Techs spend more time fixing problems, instead of wrestling data.

Improves your Existing CMMS

• Have a CMMS or EAM? Our LES will overlay it and make it perform better.

Integration of Maintenance and Production Functions

• Linking the Maintenance with Production improves data accuracy and collection
• Empowered and collaborative technicians.


• Easily share solutions with other lines and plants to maintain consistency and CI.
• Other Lean tools are integrated.

Improve Operational Availability

• Problem solving, optimizing practices and real-time OA / OEE measurement.

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