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Maintenance does the hard work of knowing when and where to find your techs and spares. Our spin on a Computerized Maintenance Management Solution helps you research, track, and allocate any and all spares while directly increasing your overall equipment effectiveness.

Preventative Maintenance

• Plan PM accurately to dramatically reduce downtime.

Total Productive Maintenance

• Know what equipment, processes, and employees are adding value and where the integrity of production needs improvement.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

• Evaluate how your equipment is being used and if each machine’s operations are being optimized.

Yokotan Solutions Sharing

• Ensure that equipment enhancements and problem solution are digitally evangelized to create operational consistency

Spares Inventory and Consumption Management

• Integrate spares directly with dispatches and manage your entire inventory of spare parts.

Downtime and Operational Availability

• Reduce downtime and maximize operational availability.

Technician Resources Management and Visibility

• Move technicians and technical resources where they’re needed, when they’re needed.
• Memorialize and archive technicians' work history and solutions

Digitial Kaizens

• Digital, not paper, Kaisens can be created by any plan employee
• Manage Kaizens from suggestion to implementation

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