A New Approach To Plant Maintenance

Leading2Lean brings lean execution to your plant’s maintenance function. We’re a different and more effective solution for the reality of the plant floor. Unlike stand-alone CMMS systems, the maintenance solution in our LES integrates maintenance activities with plant production, allowing maintenance to help drive key production metrics such as OA. How does this happen? We provide maintenance employees with a robust real-time and 100% digital tool set that creates a sustainable problem solving culture. Our solution forces maintenance and production to collaborate. We see this with every customer regardless of location and vertical.

Already have a CMMS? No need to rip and replace it because we integrate with all existing CMMS platforms as well as your unique home grown systems. Our LES makes any CMMS platforms work better.

Maintenance Feature Set
Common Plant Floor Standard

• Consistency across all plants, functions and employees creates standard data visualization.
• Employee-driven sustained CI.
• Overlays existing systems - no rip and replace required

Comprehensive Maintenance History

• Retained history on every line, piece of equipment and maintenance technician.
• See the whole story. Correlate maintenance with all production environmental occurrences such plant changeovers and lot changes.

Technicians Dislike Paper.

• Give your maintenance technicians work value by providing a tool, not a task.
• No more paper, allowing technicians to fix problems, not wrestle with data input.

Improves Your Existing CMMS

• No need to replace your existing CMMS. We overlay it and fill in the performance and reporting gaps.
• Quantifies the value of maintenance in production terms.
• Drives collaboration between production and maintenance.

Integration of Maintenance and Production Functions

• Linking the Maintenance with Production improves data accuracy and collection
• Empowered and collaborative technicians.


• Easily share solutions with other lines and plants to maintain consistency and CI.
• Fully integrate with other Lean tools.
• Consistently manage the delivery of improvements.

Improve Operational Availability

• Problem solving, optimizing practices and real-time OA / OEE measurement.
• Show the true value of maintenance and how it drives OA.
• Systematic methods to move from reactive to proactive behaviors.
• Optimize your maintenance priorities and costs.

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