What's Really Happening on Your Plant Floor?

Plant operations require that both management and line operators understand if they are winning or losing against production goals and metrics. Unless they have access to accurate real-time data in the task, this becomes impossible. Leading2Lean provides data transparency like no other system, aligns people to problems and has embedded Lean tools that create a culture of Continuous Improvement.

Already have a MES? That's great. We can integrate to all the major MES vendors as well as your unique home grown systems. We can make any MES work even better.

Production Feature Set
Embedded Lean Principles

• Built-in Lean tools drive optimal CI and improved operation metrics.
• Reduce your cost-of-product.
• 5S, Kaizen, Yokoten, TPM, Problem Solving, and Standard Work

Common Plant Floor Standard

• Consistency across all plants, functions and employees creates standard data visualization.
• Employee-driven sustained CI.
• Overlays existing systems - no rip and replace required


• Easily share abnormality solutions with other lines and plants to maintain consistency and CI.

Skills and Training Management

• Enhance your compliance by tracking skills and training.
• Easily access for auditing purposes.

Eliminate Paper. Forever.

• Digital Kaizens that can be managed from suggestion to implementation.
• Digital eKanban and Production Tracking
• No more check sheets, Excel Files, and Access Databases.

Real-Time Data

• Know the score while you in the game and address abnormalities in the task.
• Full data transparency demands action and accountability.

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