What's Really Happening on Your Plant Floor?

Production gives you the metrics you need to get to the truth of what’s impacting your plant. Manage and operate at peak capacity while ensuring efficiency and accuracy with functionality. Automatically prompt and send training to employees before they complete a job.

Production Scheduling

• Schedule either time-based or cycle-based dispatches that contain all necessary information for each task.

Paperless Traveler

• Eliminate waste while improving information flow and integrity.

Skills and Training Management

• Heavily integrated with production, know who has the skills to complete each job, and who needs up-to-date training.


• Move work cards digitally, in real time.

Production Impact Tracking

• Understand in real-time the impact each abnormality is having on production.

Real–Time Pitch Boards

• Track production, scrap, downtime, and all comments so you always know what’s happening on the floor.

Performance Triggers

• Set triggers to alert to potential problems without needlessly interrupting production.

Takt–Time Tracking

• Know how many parts each line can produce, and is producing.

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