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Inspection and Trace functionality are more important in QA than ever before. Regardless of where or what you manufacture, customers demand only the highest quality and, with a 24-hour news cycle, your brand can’t afford negative quality publicity. With our QA solution set, your employees will have robust red-tag options, defect tracking and the ability to trace to original source material.

Quality Assurance Feature Set
Real-Time Defect Trending

• Traditional systems keep you chasing after defects. Our Inspection engine gives you information in real time, so you can track and trend defect PPMs and quality failures.

Containing and Quarantine Defective Material

• Immediately and without broad interruption, red-tag and quarantine material, while accessing a real time product genealogy.

Inspection Takt-Times by Employees

• Close the loop on quality.
• Make quality part of the production process, not a bolt-on.
• Prevent defects from entering the production workflow.

Trace and Genealogy

• Conduct a Trace all the way through source material to make decisions based on facts. Trace brings simplicity to creating a complete birth certificate of your products, both serialized or lot based.
• We perform above industry benchmarks, with Eleven9s™ durability of historical data.
• Support for Lot-Based Serialized Products

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