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With Trace, automatically alert users across devices to contain suspect material. Enable decision-making based on facts, and only allow the highest quality of product to leave your facility.

Traceability and Genealogy

• Conduct a Trace all the way through source material to make decisions based on facts. Trace brings simplicity to creating a complete birth certificate of your products, both serialized or lot based.

Alerting and Containment

• As your product moves from place to place, make sure nothing leaves each factory before its ready.


• We perform above industry benchmarks, with Eleven9s™ durability of historical data. With your traceability data, we keep it above safety standards with little to no risk of data loss.

Dynamic Data Collection

• Our dynamic-schema architecture lets you collect variable data length, type and counts to extend your product trace detail to any degree you like. Collect machines used, operators performing, settings or readings in the process and combine bill-of-materials (BOM) from serialized or lots to create the complete genealogy tree.

Year-Long-Term Data Storage

• 20+ years

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