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Production and maintenance are not separate functions; plant equipment must run in order to produce product. Teamwork always increases throughput but systems have to support collaboration. Our Maintenance solution requires collaboration and accountability toward shared goals by creating a common plant standard and and making data real-time, visualized and actionable. Product variances are the result of variances in plant standards. With CloudDISPATCH, you can fix sustainably fix this because standards are integrated and visible.

7.0% Increase In Annual Operational Availability

Customers using Leading2Lean’s Maintenance solution, instead of a typical CMMS, soon see major changes in their maintenance workflows and impacts. Visualized real-time data allows maintenance technicians to understand equipment failure root causes and trends. Rather than remain reactive to abnormalities, technicians increase proactive engagement and become active problem solvers.

What would a 7% increase in OA do to your bottom line?

Solution Features
Comprehensive Maintenance History
  • Retained history on every line, piece of equipment and maintenance technician.
  • See the whole story. Correlate maintenance with all production environmental occurrences such plant changeovers and lot changes.
Improve Operational Availability
  • Problem solving, optimizing practices and real-time OA / OEE measurement.
  • Show the true value of maintenance and how it drives OA.
  • Systematic methods to move from reactive to proactive behaviors.
  • Optimize your maintenance priorities and costs.
  • Easily share solutions with other lines and plants to maintain consistency and CI.
  • Fully integrate with other Lean tools.
  • Consistently manage the delivery of improvements.
Common Plant Floor Standard
  • Consistency across all plants, functions and employees creates standard data visualization.
  • Employee-driven sustained CI.
  • Overlays existing systems - no rip and replace required.
  • Harmonize plant processes toward common measures and key methods.
Technicians Dislike Paper
  • Give your maintenance technicians work value by providing a tool, not a task.
  • No more paper, allowing technicians to fix problems, not wrestle with data input.

Empower Your Plant Maintenance

Leading2Lean’s customers often start with our Maintenance Solution. They quickly see firsthand how CloudDISPATCH removes manual dispatches, lowers cost of spares, raises OA and creates a sustained culture of Continuous Improvement. Customers also learn how to integrate factory maintenance and product teams, sharing mutual standards and goals.

Watch the video to learn how a customer improved their Operational Availability with CloudDISPATCH.

The Leading2Lean system was developed by industrial maintenance technicians in a manufacturing environment and that made sense to us.

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Chad Williams
Corporate Maintenance Manager - West Liberty Foods

Discover The Benefits Of Lean Execution

Learn how our Maintenance solution in our Lean Execution System provides workers at all levels real-time data at the point-of-work, driving personal value, problem solving and creating a culture of sustained continuous improvement.

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Read why Industry 4.0 is not enough for your factories and why best-in-class manufacturers are embracing Manufacturing 4.0. Sensors on every machine never provide the insights you need, despite the hype. Instead, leverage the right data sent to the right people at the right time so they can make the right decisions.

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