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Manufacturers struggle to create a common standard across plant locations and disparate systems to sustainably and measurably improve operations, reduce costs and maximize plant efficiency. Our Lean Execution System, CloudDISPATCH, accomplishes this by providing real-time visualized data and intuitive tools to motivate, engage and impassion human capital to own problem solving. Tired of consultants? With CloudDISPATCH, you won’t need them anymore.

6.9% Increase In Annual Productivity

Customers using CloudDISPATCH’s Production solution enjoy an average 34% reduction in their cost-of-product and 37% increase in overall productivity within 5 years. Importantly, the real-time data provided to workers at their point-of-work drives personal value, problem solving and engagement.

Your plants can also enjoy improved metrics, all of which go straight to the bottom line. Why? Because CloudDISPATCH was created on the plant floor and that makes a huge difference.

Solution Features
Embedded Lean Principles
  • Built-in Lean tools drive optimal CI and operational KPIs in the task.
  • Reduce your cost-of-product.
  • Real-time 5S, Kaizen, Yokoten, TPM, Problem Solving and Standard Work.
Assure Standards for Skills & Training Management
  • Assure Standards for Skills and Training Management
  • Assure that standards are accurate, up-to-date and consistently followed.
  • Meet compliance regulations and policies.
  • Easily access data for auditing purposes.
Common Plant Floor Standard
  • Consistency across all plants, functions and employees creates standard data visualization.
  • Employee-driven sustained CI.
  • Overlays existing systems - no rip and replace required.
  • Harmonize plant processes toward common measures and key methods.
Eliminate Paper. Forever.
  • Digital Kaizens that can be managed from suggestion to implementation.
  • Digital eKanban and Production Tracking
  • No more check sheets, Excel Files, and Access Databases.
Real-Time Data
  • Know the score while you in the game and address abnormalities in the task.
  • Full data transparency demands action and accountability.
No More Consultants
  • Leverage your internal knowledge with CloudDISPATCH
  • Consultants teach principles and manual methods. Today’s manufacturing must have fast actions and tangible results.

Manufacturing 4.0 Delivers

Leading2Lean was the first solution provider to embrace Manufacturing 4.0. Our Lean Execution System, CloudDISPATCH, has been called the best example of a M4.0 because, unlike Industry 4.0, we recognize that manufacturers achieve accelerated production metric increases when IoT, Lean Tools and Human Power are integrated. CloudDISPATCH gets the right visualized data to the right people in the right place at the right time.

Learn more about what our Lean Execution System can do for your manufacturing operations by viewing this brief video featuring Keith Barr, CEO of Leading2Lean.

Virtually everything on the plant floor that is required to measure the effectiveness of a team or in the finished product are things we can measure.

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Keith Barr
CEO - Leading2Lean

Discover The Benefits Of Lean Execution

Learn how our Production solution in our Lean Execution System provides workers at all levels real-time data at the point-of-work, driving personal value, problem solving and creating a culture of sustained continuous improvement.

Unlock our Manufacturing 4.0 Whitepaper

Read why Industry 4.0 is not enough for your factories and why best-in-class manufacturers are embracing Manufacturing 4.0. Sensors on every machine never provide the insights you need, despite the hype. Instead, leverage the right data sent to the right people at the right time so they can make the right decisions.

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